How to Choose a Fit Wine, an Interview with Tom Beaton the Cofounder of FitVine Wine


Wine has become such a mass produced commodity, how do you know what is inside of a bottle? If you read carefully, some labels even say the wine may contain fish! As someone who considers your health, you will be happy to learn that there is a wine out there that thinks about health and fitness during the winemaking process.

Mark Warren and Tom Beaton, the cofounders of FitVine, started this company because they were active people and they wanted to drink a healthy, low sugar wine, without any pesticides or preservatives.

What makes this wine for “fit” people?

FitVine is for active people who want to enjoy wine without the guilt. The sugar is as low as possible and nothing is added to the wine during the fermentation process. They also test the wine to make sure it doesn’t have preservatives or other additives.

Tune in to hear Kris talk to Tom about his company. If you'd like to buy your own bottle (must be 21+) then head over to their website and at check out use GETHIN10 for 10% off.

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