Kris Gethin's 10 Tips to Stay Healthy During the Holidays


For most people, the holidays are one big justification to indulge and overeat. With so many sweets and goodies to go around, how could you say no? Well you can. Don’t let the holidays make you weak. Don’t let the holidays take away every good habit you’ve worked to build this whole year. Use the holidays as a time to strengthen your resolve and hit the ground running for the new year. There is nothing wrong with having a few treats or drinks, but you want to avoid the vicious circle we tend to fall in when we over do it. In this episode, Kris goes over his main strategies to stay healthy this holiday season and the best things you can do to damage control those impulses.


9:00 Acknowledge your weaknesses

11:00 Detail how you propose to handle those weaknesses

15:00 Encourage your friends and family to be active

17:00 Write out a day of activity

20:00 Eat before you go to the grocery store

22: 00 Research the adverse affects of sugar

23:00 Don’t buy more food than you need

24:00 Remove bad food from your cupboards

25:00 If you’re staying with family, write a list of the foods they have in their cupboards that entice you

26:00 Fill up on fiber and fluids


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