What Doctors Don't Tell You About Preventing Autoimmune Diseases, How a Keto Diet Could Help Prevent Cancer and Advice on Living a Long, Healthy Life


“It’s about putting more life in your years and not years on your life.”

Most people who go to the doctor leave with pills and not much more. They are not given the adequate information to get better. This knowledge has motivated Shawn Wells, the guest in today’s episode, to educate as many people as possible about diet, nutrition, and supplementation.

Shawn is CEO of Zone Halo Research, and a founding partner in both World's Greatest Ingredients, a novel ingredients discovery company and Kwired, supplement industry acquisition and investment firm.

He is also a Registered Dietitian, Certified Sports Nutritionist, Fellow in the international Society of Sports Nutrition, and practiced over a decade as a Chief Clinical Dietitian in acute (hospital) and skilled nursing settings.

Shawn is a nutritional biochemist and has been dubbed in the supplement industry as "The World's Greatest Formulator" where he as formulated over 500 products, available around the world. He has been integral with patents of 10 novel ingredients including TeaCrine, Dynamine.

When it comes to the Keto diet, Shawn is the person to talk to. Shawn has also been on the Ketogenic diet for over 20 years!

Overcoming and suppressing numerous conditions with keto, paleo, fasting and supplements such as Epstein-Barr Virus, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Depression, Insomnia, Obesity, and a pituitary tumor is part of Shawn’s passion and journey leading him to help others win these battles too.

Tune to learn how you can start taking steps today to prevent the early onset of autoimmune diseases and start living your life to the fullest.


4:50 “There are still a lot of people that are preyed upon to take drugs for the rest of their lives.”

9:00 Why Shawn has been on the Ketogenic diet for the past 20 years

  • People that have autoimmune conditions as well as other disease states all stems from Mitochondrial Dysfunction. The mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell, it creates ATP, what we need for energy.
  • Almost every disease tracks back to mitochondria dysfunction. How does that show in your body? Inflammation, glycation, and oxidation. These create cell damage and are a result of mitochondrial dysfunction. Ketones give you the fuel source that you need and bypass mitochondrial dysfunction.
  • Everyone gets some improvement in body composition from following a Ketogenic diet. But people who have autoimmune diseases get clarity, get movement, get their energy back.
  • The Keto diet is a great reset to get rid of sugar cravings because eating carbohydrates makes you crave sugars.

20:00 Correlation of chronic inflammation and the rise in diseases

23:00 What effect diet can have on individuals with early onset Alzheimer’s

30:00 How to manage the early onset of Alzheimer’s

41:00 “There was no such thing as internet access when I was growing up”

42:00 How Shawn combats the anxiety of knowing too much (the effect of EMF waves given off by mobile phones for example)

44:00 What’s happening with the coming of 5G

45:00 Develop healthy habits, but don’t be overly paranoid

47:00 What it’s like visiting one of the world’s Blue Zones

52:00 Shawn’s experience with facing cancer and Advice for people that they won’t get from their doctor

What Shawn always recommends to people who have cancer or are trying to combat the reoccurrence of cancer:

IV Vitamin C

Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber

Intermittent Fasting (16/8)

Nutritional Ketogenic Diet


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