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Behind the Scenes Pass

This is the ultimate way to experience my last-ever video trainer!


This one-time pass will enable you to:


  • Watch every single workout I do in a raw, unfiltered way

  • See what really goes into creating a video trainer series of this calibre 

  • Witness my most radical transformation before your eyes, while the rest of the world has to sit and wait for the results 


This 12-week video trainer will be housed on, therefore it will be a "pay to play" program because the expense of producing it is several hundred thousand dollars! 


However, if you purchase the Behind the Scenes Pass, I will give you that money BACK if you purchase my 12-week video trainer program on launch. 


This means you are effectively getting this behind-the-scenes pass for FREE, provided you do purchase my 12-week video trainer program on launch. 


Looking forward to having you join me in this journey. 

Behind the Scenes Pass

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