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Kris Gethin


It's YOUR time to transform!

Kris Gethin has been voted the world's No.1 Transformation expert, twice! Nobody can dispute Kris' unrivalled authority to help millions of people transform their body no matter their circumstances. The time has come to take back control of your health and create the body and life you deserve. 

Results that will change your life and last a lifetime!


  • Book a FREE consultation 

  • Receive a fully customized diet & workout program 

  • Benefit from Kris Gethin's world famous "biohacking" for optimal health

  • Get ongoing 1-1 guidance, feedback and adjustments every week by Kris himself

  • Accomplish YOUR best Physique 

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Custom Workouts

Custom Workouts

Kris will create a workout program that compliments your own unique physiology while delivering faster results and ensuring your metabolism goes into overdrive! 

Tailored meal plans

Tailored Meal Plans

Let Kris remove all of the confusion from your diet by creating a customized plan that accommodates your preferences, lifestyle, and time constraints. It's time to get guaranteed results.

Unlimited Education

Unlimited Education

Benefit from personally asking Kris questions in a private setting, with 24/7 access to him, so you can learn during your transformation to guarantee lifelong success!

Supplement Guidance

Supplement Guidance

Receive a fully customized supplement protocol from Kris, based on your personal needs in order to optimize your results


Real Results

Become the latest person to experience the most dramatic transformation possible, just like the real results you see from the countless testimonials!


Receive Custom Program

Receive Custom Program

Get started

Get Started

Transform your life

your life


What Our Customers Have to Say


What Our Customers Have to Say

Kris Shook before Kris Gethin programm


Kris Shook after Kris Gethin programm


Kris Shook

“Can’t believe it’s me doing all of this”

Kris Shook
Kris Shook
Kris Shook


Adam Max

Adam Max

BEFORE 315 lbs

AFTER 175 lbs

Saumya Tyagi

Saumya Tyagi

AFTER 164 lbs

BEFORE 230 lbs

Hope Jones 

Hope Jones

BEFORE 260 lbs

AFTER 140 lbs


5 tips to change your life


Kris Gethin's
30 Day SHRED Ignited Challenge

Kris Gethin's 30 Day Shred Ignited Program Will Help You: 
  • Successfully lose 15 pounds in 30 days

  • Learn how to KEEP it off after

  • ​Feel empowered

Next 30-Day Shred Starts May 6, 2024


  • Is this VIP coaching with Kris Gethin or his team?
    The VIP coaching program is 100% provided by Kris himself, not a team.
  • Do I get video calls with Kris?
    The only coaching program available with 1-1 face to face calls with Kris is the VIP+ program, which is his most premium offering. This package includes 1 hour, face to face consultations every month with Kris, direct What’s App communication with him (as well as email), genetic testing and blood testing. It is an application only program!
  • Is the program fully customized or a cookie cutter?
    Every single client Kris coaches benefits from a fully customised program, where he reviews your questionnaire, analyses exactly what you require to achieve a successful transformation and designs your plan accordingly. As you progress during the coaching process with Kris, he will be making changes when necessary.
  • What if I can't stick to a rigid meal plan?
    Some people simply don’t like sticking to rigid meal plans, and Kris has many strategies to give you more freedom.
  • How do I communicate with Kris during the coaching?
    The VIP coaching program is via his private coaching email, where he guarantees a response within 48 hours. There are other options to include face to face calls and What’s App communication with Kris.
  • How frequently are the check-ins with Kris?
    The formal check-ins during the VIP coaching program are every 7 days, where you complete a specific check-in form provided by Kris, so he can review your progress and log all of the information he requires. However, you do also have open communication with him during the week. He is very hands on!
  • What if I can't continue the program due to illness or injury?
    In the event you must stop the program, Kris will gladly give you the freedom to pause and comeback when you are ready to resume the coaching.
  • I have a very busy schedule, is it possible for somebody like me to follow Kris' VIP coaching?
    Kris generally coaches busy professionals, therefore he is extremely experienced in helping clients on very tight schedules transform. Some people simply don’t like sticking to rigid meal plans, and Kris has many strategies to give you more freedom.
  • How quickly can I start the VIP coaching with Kris if I commit today?
    Kris has been voted as the world’s No.1 Transformation Coach (twice!), therefore it is no surprise that he takes the right amount of time to ensure your program is developed exactly as you need it. Given his status, Kris also has a waiting list. Usual lead time from committing with payment and completing your questionnaire is 2-4 weeks, depending on the time of year. Kris does provide a “kickstarter” program (free of charge to VIP clients) for those waiting to start the VIP coaching, should you want to get a head start!
  • Do I have to use lots of supplements to be successful?
    Kris will make his recommendations based on his assessment of your needs. However, many clients do choose to either use a modest supplement stack, or none at all. It is entirely possible to get amazing results without supplements, if that is your preference. To be absolutely CLEAR, all clients who work with Kris are FREE of any performance enhancing drugs.
  • Are supplements included?
    No. The investment for the VIP coaching program is purely for Kris’ world class expertise. However, Kris does provide a list of substantial discount codes for brands he is associated with, which helps you save a lot of money.
  • I am vegetarian/vegan. Can I still work with Kris?
    Approximately 70% of the Indian population are vegetarian or vegan, and Kris spent several years over there, transforming some of the highest profile Bollywood stars, and politicians. He is a leading expert on helping vegetarians and vegans transform, so this is absolutely no issue whatsoever. To date, 34% of Kris’ VIP coaching clients are plant based.
  • Is this Free?
    No! Kris Gethin is one of the most decorated transformation coaches in the world and is in serious demand, therefore there is absolutely no way he can coach for free, this is his livelihood. Furthermore, when people make an investment in themselves to change, studies have proven they are far more likely to see it through, opposed to getting the guidance for free.
  • Will my photos be used in social media posts or other marketing material?
    Not without your permission, no. Kris has a very strict policy on this, and any client you see being shared on social media has given their formal permission beforehand. Many choose not to, which is absolutely fine because client confidential is always of paramount importance.
  • What if I don’t have access to a piece of equipment?
    There are always appropriate alternatives to use, and Kris is very accustomed to helping clients ascertain the best route forward in the event they don’t have access to a specific piece of equipment. Around 20% of Kris’ VIP coaching clients actually transform from home based exercise, without using a gym.
  • What if I don’t know how to perform an exercise?
    Kris is always on hand to give you guidance and provide exercise demo videos where needed, to ensure you are 100% confident.
  • How much time do I spend in the gym each day?
    This will very much vary depending on your starting position, goals and lifestyle. Most gym based workouts can be done between 45-60 minutes.
  • How many days per week will I have to train?
    Most clients will be training between 3-5 times per week in the gym. There will be additional cardio to do i.e. power walking.
  • What is a Biohacking protocol?
    Biohacking is a phrase used to describe strategies which are used to optimise health. Kris helps his clients make their health a real priority, because he believes increasing your lifespan is an essential part of living a fulfilled life. At almost 48, Kris has a biological age of just 26!
  • Can I upgrade/extend my program once I begin?
    Yes, of course - provided there is availability beyond your current program. Ask Kris directly!
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