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  • Kris Gethin

Build Size The Lean, Smart Way!

If you are following my 6 Month Comeback Documentary on Health Kik you will know I am growing very fast - within a matter of weeks I gained 21lbs! This is not just "bulk" either, I gained quality muscle tissue and kept my fat levels down.

If you are aiming to pack on size, you must remember to do it the smart way. Anybody can over consume calories to make the scales go up, but most people just gain excessive amounts of fat. This means you're far more prone to insulin resistance and aromatization which is not conducive to building muscle or sustaining good health.

Here are 3 tips I would suggest to pack on size the correct way.

Remain Active

Even though I am training and eating to gain size you will notice I remain active with regular cardio. Whether I am jogging in the beautiful mountains where I live in Boise or hitting the stepper machine in the gym, I am consistent with cardio. In doing this my body is able to digest and utilize the fuel I am consuming more effectively which actually supports recovery as well as muscle growth. Furthermore, it keeps my aerobic capacity up which means as I gain weight fitness doesn't become a limiting factor in the gym.

Test Your Threshold

Always monitor your waistline and body fat, you will hit a threshold where you start to gain fat at a faster rate than muscle. Once you reach this ceiling you must back off to avoid gaining more body fat - keeping yourself lean will making building muscle easier. Each person will have a slightly different tolerance to overall calorie intake and the impact this has on fat gain, you must test yours by analyzing your body composition.

Adjust Calorie Intake

Don't be afraid to adjust calorie intake on specific days, namely when you're not burning so much fuel. If you are on a recovery day cut some carbohydrates back so you're able to sustain insulin sensitivity and avoid over-consuming calories. This theory also goes for leg day, where you might want to consume more calories to account for the extreme intensity!


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