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Kris Gethin’s Top 3 Exercises For Anterior Deltoid Growth!

The anterior deltoids sit at the front of your shoulder and can add a great deal of fullness to this muscle group. It is also where you get the “tie in” between the upper pecs and deltoids, therefore you need to really develop this head in order to optimize your physique. There are 3 exercises which I personally like to use when aiming to isolate the anterior deltoid - in this blog I am going to share them with you.

Incline Bench Straight Bar Front Raises

On an incline bench with your chest facing down, perform front raises with a barbell. The aim is to lift the bar as high as possible on every rep, without moving your torso or using momentum - to really burn the front delts use 3-4 second negatives. Weight selection is important, don't go too heavy and I recommend using the 15-20 rep range with this exercise.

Lying Front Cable Raises

Lying down while doing front cable raises with a straight bar is the perfect way to eliminate any torso generated momentum! This is an extremely isolated exercise which also enforces lots of tension because of the cables - finishing off the front deltoids with this exercise is a killer! Use a 2-3 second negative and hit at least 15 repetitions per set to really feel the burn!

Double Handed Front Dumbbell Raise Variation

You may have seen me demonstrate this exercise in some of my training videos - it is brutal if you get it right. Using a double-handed grip on one dumbbell you lift it above head height, at this point you then reach another inch or two which generates a lot of tension in the anterior deltoids! Use this to pre-exhaust the front area of the deltoids at the start of your workout, hitting 10-12 reps per set.

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