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  • Kris Gethin

The Crazy Leg Workout Which Nearly Killed My Cousin!

Back in 2012 when I was living in India my cousin, Adam, came out for 4 months to train a Bollywood actor for a movie role (I was there doing the same). The climate was incredibly humid and the gym we were using had been abandoned by its owners, so there was no air conditioning! It was also the "rainy" monsoon season which meant the hole in the roof was letting water into the gym, the escalators to the gym were also broken, so you can just picture the scene. However, the equipment was actually very impressive so we persevered, making use of this environment.

Adam wanted to train legs with me, so I made sure I gave him an experience he'd not ever forget! He was there throwing up in a bin, feeling sorry for himself, in the middle of this gym while the humid climate and leg press attacked his senses!

He looked like he was about to die, but he was just unfamiliar with my intensity although we'd had a similar experience 4 years earlier (we still laugh about this).

I cannot emulate the training environment we had in Mumbai, but I can give you the workout to try.

Leg Press:

Set 1 - 50 repetitions Set 2 - 40 repetitions Set 3 - 30 repetitions Set 4 - 20 repetitions Set 5 - 10 repetitions Set 6 - 10 repetitions Set 7 - 20 repetitions Set 8 - 30 repetitions Set 9 - 40 repetitions Set 10 - 50 repetitions

*For the higher rep sets you only get 60 seconds rest, for the heavier sets take 120 seconds.*

**Use rest-pause, so you fail at around 50-60% of the rep range. If you can complete the set without using rest-pause the weight is too light.**


3 X Walking Lunges 20-25 repetitions per leg

I am sure you will do better than Adam, go and crush it!


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