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  • Kris Gethin

5 Foods Kris Gethin Thinks You Need!

From experience, I have discovered some foods are amazing for helping me augment health, improving things like digestion, detoxification and immune function. Today, my aim is to share 5 of these foods with you. Hopefully, you can take some inspiration from this and start boosting your health as I do. For context, my health markers are in the top 3 percentile of the global population when tested - I take this very seriously.


Taking turmeric with bioperine for improved absorption is an amazing way to help combat inflammation, at least this is my personal experience from using this food ingredient consistently. Within a matter of days consuming this daily, I found my digestion improved dramatically.


Consuming Saerkraut is more common in parts of Europe including Poland, Scandinavia and Germany although it originates from China. Due to the natural fermentation process involved, it produces probiotics and is also a rich source of Vitamin K2. Like Turmeric, I have found that Sauerkraut can be great for the gut.


Fermented from Cow's milk, Kefir is a yogurt based food which is rich in potassium, calcium, B vitamins and probiotics. Again, this is amazing for the gut because it can help introduce a healthier balance of bacteria in the GI tract.


Garlic was one of the very first natural ingredients used for medicinal purposes by mankind - it is rich in manganese, Vitamin C, Vitamin B6 and selenium which are all great for health. Furthermore, it is believed that garlic can support healthier cholesterol levels.


One of the few non-animal sources of Omega 3 fatty acids (ALA in this instance), Flaxseeds are great for your health. Improved digestion is a common benefit, partially because of the fiber and the fatty acid content. People report that their gut feels more efficient and less stressed when they add flaxseeds to their diet.


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