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What Are The Benefits of Ketogenic Dieting?

If you are a member of Health Kik stop reading right now, go straight to the member's area and read the guide I wrote on ketogenic dieting. It is far more comprehensive than this blog and will enable you to apply the keto diet with huge success! If you are not a member, keep on reading if you would like to learn about the benefits of the ketogenic diet.

#1 Improved Blood Sugar Control

Perhaps the most notable benefit of ketogenic dieting is the vast improvement in blood sugar control and the things which come with that, including enhanced insulin sensitivity. For this reason, the keto diet is very beneficial for those with beta-cell dysfunction and insulin resistance, gradually helping to reverse this damage if applied correctly. Many type 2 diabetics have managed to successfully reverse their condition using this diet, coming off medication.

For people who are trying to get very lean, this is also highly beneficial.

#2 Enhanced Satiety

Dieting can be difficult because when in a calorie deficit hunger is far more likely to strike, potentially tempting you to cheat and therefore progress slower. Many people report that their hunger levels drop significantly when using a keto diet, the theory is that with improved blood sugar control you're less vulnerable to crashes which trigger cravings.

#3 Great Mental Focus

Another negative impact which can come about from dieting is a loss of mental focus and concentration. However, due to the fact keto diets are so high in fat the brain has copious amounts of energy to thrive off. Remember, the brain is made up of fat and requires this macronutrient in order to function optimally.


Not everybody is suited to following a ketogenic diet, however, there can be many benefits to be had with this protocol. Word of caution, make sure you have the right knowledge to implement this correctly. Far too many people have the wrong information when it comes to the keto diet! This is why Health Kik members are given a full guide which I wrote, it includes:

  • The correct application of the keto diet

  • How to use cyclical keto dieting (my personal prefered variation of the keto diet)

  • The exact macronutrient ratios you must use to get fast results!

Plus a lot more.

Learn more about the Health Kik member's area HERE.


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