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Who Should NOT Use Controlled Fasting?

There are a wide variety of benefits to using controlled fasting, the simple act of avoiding food intake between set hours while sticking exclusively to water infused with ingredients such as amino acids and electrolytes. However, some people are better off not using controlled fasting as a daily or regular strategy - in this blog I am going to explain who.

Those Who Want Optimal Muscle Mass Gains

If you are going all out to accrue as much muscle mass as humanly possible, high meal frequency meal patterns are the most optimal route for this outcome. Muscle protein synthesis must be constantly stimulated in order to extract as much anabolic activity from your body, eating a protein-rich meal every 2-3 hours helps achieve this.

Highly Stressed People With Limited Muscle Mass

Those who are constantly stressed are going to produce more cortisol which is catabolic, leading to a breakdown in muscle tissue. If you are somebody who has limited amounts of lean muscle tissue and you're always stressed, fasting may leave you overly vulnerable. This is especially true for females because of a less robust hormonal system within the context of retaining muscle tissue.

Those Who Struggle To Control Cravings

If you are somebody who gives in very easily to cravings then controlled fasting may not be the best strategy from a psychological perspective. The art of dieting involves discovering the most sustainable strategy for yourself - knowing you give in very easily to temptation means going for hours without food will probably leave you too vulnerable, leading to eating bad food.

This doesn't mean people who fall into the above categories should never use controlled fasting, using it infrequently for health benefits or as a means of creating an energy deficit still stands.

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