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  • Kris Gethin

Part 2: How I Dropped 10lbs in 10 Days...

In part 1 (go back and read it if you haven't!) we discussed how I quickly dropped 10.6lbs within 10 days to get much leaner! This just so happened to coincide with a trip to Las Vegas ; -). We discussed my nutritional strategies in part 1 so today we're talking about boosting thermogenesis. Here are 2 ways I successfully elevated thermogenesis during that 10 day period. Cold & Hot Showers Every day I utilized cold and hot thermogenic principles, by going in the shower and switching between temperatures. Each shower would last 6 minutes long, for 60 seconds I would stand under cold water and then switch to hot for a further minute, repeating this until the 6-minute mark. The body is constantly having to regulate its temperature using this protocol which means thermogenesis is naturally boosted! Infrared Sauna Five times per week I went into my infrared sauna which can have a dramatic impact on thermogenesis. The Journal of the American Medical Association found that infrared sauna sessions help burn up to a staggering 600 extra calories! This is because of the "healthy sweat" induced, causing the body to regulate temperature, in turn burning a lot of energy! I recommend going to read part 3 immediately on the Health Kik blog! Kris Gethin



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