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  • Kris Gethin

Part 5: How I Dropped 10lbs in 10 Days...

Here is the final part of my "how I dropped 10.6lbs in 10 days" series - I hope you have read each installment and enjoyed them. Hopefully, I have opened your eyes up to new ideas about what could benefit your health, as well as your ability to drop body fat.

Today we are going to discuss meditation and sleep, specifically the impact they had on my fat loss in this 10 day window.

Ordinarily I have been a bad sleeper for years, however, this has improved dramatically recently. This has been down to many things, two of which include quantifying my sleep and utilizing meditation in the morning.

Meditating in the morning helps me reduce stress, which enables me to remain present and take control of the day. By the end of the day my stress levels are in check, which leads to a far better night's sleep! Good sleep health promotes growth hormone secretion (up to 75% of our daily amount is released during sleep, according to some experts), which is a great fat loss aid.

By reducing stress my GI tract is also less inflamed which again supports better nutrient uptake, and therefore enables me to perform at a higher level. This is supportive of more rapid fat loss too!

**Please note these are things I have personally found benefit my body, and allow me to transform quicker when applied with my specific training, diet protocols and other hacks.**

Kris Gethin



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